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Self - Awakening (1)
Author: juon
Date: 10/30/2005, 21:06:35
At thirteen, Fiona was already well developed. Puberty had arrived early and she possessed a blossoming pair of breasts that filled a 32B bra, with a mass of soft hair covering her virginal pubic mound. Whispered conversation at the co-ed school she attended had acquainted her not only with the facts of life but the manner in which many of the intimate deeds could be performed. Various late-night T/V programmes, watched when her parents were out, sometimes had the effect of giving her inexplicable feelings deep in the pit of her stomach.

In truth, Fiona was remarkably worldly-wise for her years, and she was quietly confident that her education in this intriguing subject would be enhanced before she was much older.

This evening she was alone in the house and decided to spend the time on doing her nails and make-up – even though such adornment was prohibited at school. She sat in the kitchen and soon found that she had run out of moisturising cream. She knew Mother had some and went upstairs to her parents’ bedroom. Idly she checked her Mother’s array of toiletries on the dressing table before opening one of the drawers below. As she searched for the required bottle, she saw paperwork lying in the bottom of the drawer. Curious, she carefully took out the pile and realised it consisted of a few magazines, their covers folded back to show different articles.

Casually inquisitive, she read a paragraph of the first magazine and gasped.

“he slid his hands along the silky skin of her thigh and found the warm mound nestling between …” she read.

All thoughts of make-up disappeared and she sat on her parents’ bed with the magazine open on her lap.

She read on.

The fictional story of an intimate relationship and subsequent seduction was written in the most intricate detail, and some of the techniques employed by the man were new to Fiona. As she continued reading she felt herself blush and a warm glow suffused her body.

The woman’s responses to her man’s advances were equally exciting and Fiona felt her breathing quicken when she imagined the effects the man had upon his lover.

Unconsciously she raised one hand to her T-shirt and cupped her breast, squeezing it idly.

The story proceeded to the final stage of intimacy and Fiona’s hand slid below her waist, pressing into the valley between her thighs to ease the curious ache that had developed.

The man & the woman’s frantic rush to simultaneous climax was spelled out in words that made Fiona gasp and her hand involuntarily lifted the hem of her short skirt and wriggled its way under the leg of her panties & onto her pubic mound. The warm glow of her own excitement was enhanced when she felt the wetness inside her pants and two neatly manicured fingers invaded the pouting lips of her vulva.

She read the final paragraph in a state of high arousal, her fingers playing a sympathetic melody on her clitoris until she began panting hungrily.

The magazine slipped from her grasp and she let herself fall back on the bed, one hand on her breast pinching the erect nipple and one hand beating out a steady rhythm on the tiny erect organ. Her eyes were closed and she imagined the sensations the woman had described in the story.

Moments later it was all over.

Her body shuddered to a tumultuous orgasm, bringing a low strangled cry from her lips as she felt liquid pouring from her vagina onto the invading fingers. It wasn’t the first time she had achieved a manually-induced climax but never had it happened so quickly or with such violence.

She laid still, her breathing gradually slowing and her body relaxing.

Her thoughts suddenly returned to the bedroom and her brain was in turmoil, mystified as to how this pornographic literature had come to be in her Mother’s dressing table. After all, she was sure her parents were too old to have sex any more – they were nearly forty and the thought of them copulating amazed her.

Fiona glanced at the bedside table clock and realised they would be returning soon. She quickly adjusted her clothes and stood up slightly unsteadily. The bed was smoothed over and the magazines replaced in the drawer. As she hurriedly pushed them in, a bulky bundle of coloured nylon material prevented her; she extracted it and felt something inside.

Unrolling it, her eyes nearly popped & her mouth fell open as she saw the ten-inch pink vibrator. She twisted the black knob at its base and shivered as the monster started to throb in her hand, causing another flood in her saturated panties.

Oh my God! she thought, they’re into that as well.

There was no time to investigate further and she rolled up the toy, stuffing it back in its hiding place

By the time her Mother & Father came in about twenty minutes later, Fiona had washed her musky smelling fingers, changed her knickers & was sitting in the kitchen with a satisfying quivering sensation between her thighs, serenely painting her nails.

She greeted her Mother with a kiss, but knew she would never look at either of her parents in quite the same light again – and there still that interesting wicked toy she knew she would have to investigate properly next time they were out of the house.



After her discovery that her parents indulged in practices that she found hard to believe, Fiona spent hours at night in her bedroom, after she had turned in, trying to hear if her Mother & Father were putting the great vibrator to use – or at least making noises that would confirm they still had sex – something she had assumed was only for much younger people.

She was also hoping they would soon go out for another evening’s socialising, in order that she could once again explore the secrets of her Mother’s dressing table drawer – where she had found the pornographic magazines and the fantastic great dildo.

After enquiring twice, her Mother showed signs of suspicion when yet again the query came “Are you going out tonight?”

“You’re not thinking of having a boy here, are you? because you know your Father has said ‘No’ once before. It’s OK when we’re here, but not otherwise”

“Oh no, Mum,” Fiona replied, blushing furiously.

“Well, to answer you question, we’re going to the Golf Club on Saturday morning, but I’ll leave some lunch ready for you, because we shan’t be back until tea time”

On Saturday, no sooner had the car driven off at eleven than Fiona was upstairs and rummaging in the drawer. She removed all the magazines and unwrapped the monster vibrator, taking them into her own bedroom.

She felt excited and decided to spend a penny before settling down to her illicit task. When she sat on the toilet she wasn’t surprised to see the telltale stain already marking her panties and made the decision to discard them before she concentrated on the matter in hand.

The second story she read was equally erotic as the first and with her body beginning to respond to her visualisation of the couples’ highly intimate behaviour, she quickly stripped off her T-shirt, bra and skirt. The wardrobe mirror opposite the bed reflected her young well-developed body and even the sight of it increased her arousal. She parted her legs and watched her hand stroke the soft pubic hairs, parting the virginal lips and showing the glistening juices that were dribbling from them.

Fiona returned to the story, sensing her body become more and more stimulated by the unbelievable inventiveness of the man’s actions. She couldn’t stifle a soft moan emanating from her throat as the couple reached their climax and put the journal down to pick up the pink penis-like toy alongside her. It was immense – and would it really fit inside her without hurting

She switched it on, discovering she could vary its speed, and reduced it to a low buzz before hesitantly moving it down her flat stomach towards the source of her desire.

At first it tickled her sensitive vulva, but by pressing a little harder she felt the vibrations rocket up the cleft between her thighs and detonate a shower of stars somewhere in her brain.

She carefully pushed it between her slippery lips and saw the image of her uninhibitted masturbation reflected across the room. She turned the black knob at the end and increased the speed. The effect was unbelievably sensual and she wanted more, but the toy seemed unwilling to penetrate further.

She knew exactly the cause of the problem but her hunger was insatiable and she braced herself, biting her lip as she realised what she had to do. Girls at school had told her the pain of breaking the virginal hymen was intense and she experienced a moment of fear that brought beads of perspiration to her brow.

Had it not been for the fact that the machine was increasing her arousal to fever pitch, she may well not have gone any further, knowing that the effect it was having would certainly take her to a climax very soon.

She paused, anxious but over-excited, all at the same time.

She had been envious of the girls at school who said they had already lost their virginity, and the desire to join this fairly elite Club soon overcame her hesitation. Gritting her teeth, she pushed hard on the butt of the weapon and couldn’t suppress a strangled cry as a stab of intense pain shot through her. She was panting hard and wondering whether she ought to stop, but a quick glance at the reflection showed to her surprise that the vibrator was now deeply embedded in the creamy open lips between her widely spread thighs - and the pain had subsided.

The vibrations were now concentrated in the very heart of her womanhood and she felt the flood tide of her climax approaching rapidly. She gently moved the vibrator in & out of the saturated chasm, moaning and writhing uncontrollably as she began to lose control. Her other hand went to a breast where she felt the nipple protruding rigidly – and squeezed it hard.

It triggered the release she craved so desperately and with a loud throaty groan her hips arched off the bed as her orgasm exploded, sending wave after wave of delightful pleasure rippling through her. She was totally out of control and with the vibrator still transmitting its pulses, she cried out again, thrashing about the bed as a second climax erupted.

She was so sensitive everywhere and realised she couldn’t tolerate the weapon inside her for a moment longer. She let go and her strong muscles contracted & ejected the toy onto the bed. She collapsed back against her pillow, still having ecstatic spasms and gasping for breath until her brain gradually allowed her to relax.

She lay in absolute wonderment of what she had just achieved and it was some minutes before she sat up and moved to switch off the buzzing instrument of pleasure.

To her horror she saw it was not only shiny with her juices, but flecked with pink. In panic she realised she was bleeding and there were slight marks on the flowered duvet. She scrambled off the bed and ran unsteadily to the bathroom. After relieving herself copiously she saw to her relief that the toilet tissue was only slightly marked and before donning a pair of full cotton panties she slipped a small pad into the crotch. Then she washed the toy carefully, replaced it - and the magazines – before successfully sponging the small area of her duvet & deciding she had undergone quite enough excitement for one day. Returning downstairs she had some lunch and spent the rest of the day watching T/V & dozing fitfully until her parents returned. They had obviously been to the Golf Club Bar because her Mother was more than usually talkative and she noticed her Father kept patting her bottom whenever he thought Fiona wasn’t looking.

Dinner that evening was very light-hearted and she was surprised when her parents said they were tired and needed an early night.

It was just before breakfast the following morning that her Mother followed her into the kitchen and quietly asked her if she had been looking for anything in the dressing table drawers in their bedroom. Fiona was sure she was blushing when she tried to look surprised as she denied it. Her Mother gave her a strange look and explained that there were some things that even a Mother preferred to keep private. Fiona managed a questioning expression but her Mother abandoned the subject as Fiona’s Father appeared. He was in an unusually cheerful mood and was singing softly to himself as he made the coffee.

Fiona was in no doubt that she wasn’t the only one who had opened that drawer in the past twenty-four hours, but would have to be far more careful in future – at least until she managed to acquire a toy of her own!!

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